anti-fall modular system comprising a flexible line (steel wire) placed between two end structural anchors with intermediate anchorages (bracket type or mast, depending on the type of the cover), fixed directly on the deck or structure It navigates the building safely, avoiding it falling into the void


  • Horizontal lifelines for roofs according to UNE 795 "height Fall protection".
  • Compliance UNE 795, class C type support (flexible line device between two fixed anchors).
  • Galvanized steel anchors.
  • Carriage rides anchor that allows easy passage through the intermediate points.
  • Cable twisted 8 mm.
  • Variable lengths and configurations as needed, with individual certificate.


certified facility (done by Aeraspiratos).

The design of anchors along with the adaptation plate allows installation in any kind of cover, regardless of the inclination, material fretwork plate.

The versatility of all elements enable any path to get from the access point cover Any area thereof.

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