Hybrid chimney top fan designed to meet the requirements of the Technical Building Code.


  • Special design with horizontal slats that maintains a constant depression inside the equipment.
  • Anti-reverse design that prevents air from entering the outside of the room.
  • Manufacture to measure, according to fireplace measurements.


Chimney cap for homes.

  • Quick assembly on site.
  • It does not require masonry or auxiliary structure.


  • Materials and finishes
    • Galvanized Steel (std.)
    • Lacquered RAL
  • Team unpowered

Technical scheme

Scheme Aeroventuri
Scheme Aeroventuri
Scheme Aeroventuri
Scheme Aeroventuri

No. of tubes Ø100 mm
existing in duct
Caudal * m 3 /hCaudal * l/sRecommended extractor
120056Ø 250
2400111Ø 250
3600167Ø 250
4800222Ø 250
51000278Ø 300
61200333Ø 300
71400389Ø 300
81600444Ø 300
91800500Ø 350
102000556Ø 350
112200611Ø 350
122400667Ø 350
132600722Ø 350
142800778Ø 350
153000833Ø 400
163200889Ø 400
173400944Ø 400
1836001000Ø 400
1938001056Ø 400
2040001111Ø 400
2142001167Ø 400
2244001222Ø 400
2346001278Ø 400
2448001333Ø 400

* Recommended values ​​for proper ventilation

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